Sunday, February 21, 2021

My First Book is Now Up on Amazon!

 I've been telling you for a while that I've had exciting news coming...

and this is one of many (so yes there is more exciting news still to come)

After many years of dreaming of becoming a published author, I finally made it happen this year.

I published my first story and it's up on Amazon!

Best ways to support me in my new quest as an author is to purchase my book (it's only $2.99 after all, less than a Starbucks Frappucino) & hopefully you will love it enough to leave a glowing review after reading it. 

I wonder who will be the VERY FIRST person to purchase my book?

Maybe it will be you!

** More books coming to my Amazon Kindle Store soon **

and here's more information on my very first published story:

Spanking Therapy: 

A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying

Therapy has helped millions all over the world reach their fullest potential. Sara is a very special therapist, licensed in the arts of sternly applying a hairbrush to a liar’s bottom to create lasting and positive change.  She uses an unorthodox form of therapy that she finds works well and gets right to the seat of the problem - spanking therapy.

This domestic discipline story is intended for adults only and contains elements of FM spanking, paddling, over the knee spanking (OTK spanking), and femdom.

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  1. That's GREAT! I'll buy a copy, although I'd REALLY like to have a PRINT Copy of it if it's available! GOOD FOR YOU! (you beat me to doing this, something I've been thinking of doing for YEARS!)