Friday, February 12, 2021

What Sticks Out the Most to You About this Animated Gif?

spanking art

I love her sexy red outfit.
Also the arm bangle or upper arm band she's got on reminds me of ones that I used to wear back in high school.  It was the trend back then.

Anyone know anything about the spanking artist or fetish artist who created this? Looks like his or her name is Needsawhoopin.  Cute name, I must say!

Who are your favorite spanking or fetish artists? Post a link to their website in the comments section below!



  1. What sticks out, other than my bare bottom, is that's how my Mom begins my blisterings.

    -- debbie

  2. I like how the girl’s feet can’t touch the floor and will kick as she’s being spanked. I prefer the spanker be dressed in a conventionally domestic way, but I can’t say she doesn’t present a nice lap to be over. ;)

    You may already know of this spanking artist. A favorite F/m themed one for me.

  3. Must be Sister Brenda's stripper cousin Naughty Natasha, also continually spanking Naughty Devil non-stop over her silky knees for peeking at her panties. (Non-stop eternal spanking women run in the Saints-Sinners family tree.)
    ND =;)