Friday, April 13, 2018

I'm Not Much of a Fortune Teller But I See a Spanking in Your Future

Miss Jenn Davis


  1. GREAT CAPTION for this nice Picture of you! (and I think I see a Spanking in MY future too!) ;)

  2. Thankfully my darling is the mystic spanker Miss Jenn who is absolutely right and quite clairvoyant looking into her parade of naughty devils' brightly blushing bare bottoms as naughty devils who tease over and over again as destined to repeat their bare bottom spankings over her silky knees over and over again too!!!! Should put that into a fortune cookie! (Naughty devil playfully never learns any of his lessons ... or more likely has learned his lesson quite too well to relentlessly tease for more fun spankings over his darling mystic spanker's sensuously silky knees!)
    Wickedly, as usual, Your ND =;)