Monday, April 9, 2018

Ways To Stay In Contact...

In case anything happens with this site, here are other ways to stay in contact:

#1) My email:
Write it down, memorize it.  In case you'd like to get in contact in the next year. I have no plans to retire in the near future, so you'll know that if this site goes down in the coming year, it was not planned.

#2) If the worst happes, google "Miss Jenn Davis" as I will return

#3) My FetLife account:
I'm not on that frequently, but when I am, I do my best to respond

#4) I'm on Nite Flirt. There are various links from this website.  My user name is MissJennD

#5) Ok I can't keep track of all the different platforms I'm on... but I'm on them... If you search you'll find me...

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