Saturday, March 24, 2018

Which Photo Do You Like the Best?

Which of my photos on My Photos Page do you like the best, and what are your 2nd & 3rd choices?

hairbrush spanking

1. Go to my photos page.  Click here
2. Click on the photo you like, this will tell you what number it is (between 1-153)
3. Write down the numbers in the comments section (you can comment "anonymously" if you want)

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn 


  1. Pictures first choice: 69/ love the combination with the skirt and blouse.
    2nd: 78
    3rd: 139

  2. #105 - Boobs.Would love ABDL, boobs and otk

  3. 1. 107
    2. 104
    3. 131

    Honorable mentions: 44, 77, 108, 149

  4. 1. 106, 2. 41, 3. 66

  5. I'd have to go with the ones of you in the blue 'Stewardess' outfit, then the ones of you in your black dress, (all of them), then lastly the one of you in your 'cheerleader' outfit pulling someone over your knee. Just TOO MANY good pics to choose from! (including ones of you standing by a Piano and in your 'Santa Baby' outfit.....looks like a nice place where those were taken) ;)

  6. ~ As of this reply there are 161 photos in your catalog ~

    1. 21 (in heaven with that smirk)
    2. 2 (not a photo but I adore everything about it) if it doesn't count then 106.
    3. 1 (curiouser and curiouser)

    So many! To choose three seems so unfair!

  7. Oh Goodness!!1 all. The short skirts and hoping for a chance to panty peek and the nurses uniform - there's something else coming in between the spanks...Thank you Miss Jen - best jon

  8. Hmmmm....difficult choice. I really like the turquoise waitress uniform as well as the white blouse/black skirt. But Miss Jenn should decide what she wears instead of allowing naughty boys to choose her attire.

  9. 2, 91, 151 - most all of them really though.

  10. Such tough decisions with so many cute pictures! Well your naughty devil will just have to anguish over those decisions while being strictly spanked over your silky knees for having secret naughty fantasy favorites which are:

    1. #153 - that pleated red mini-skirt is just so sassy and sexy, accentuating your sensuously silky legs that are so irresistible and need to be caressed and worshiped before and after being taken over your silky smooth knees! You wore this on our very first spanking date with your strappy high heels and your naughty devil dreams of you teasing me in it ever since!!!

    2. #33 - such happy memories of my sweetheart cheerleader girlfriend smiling as she takes her naughty devil boyfriend forcefully in hand over her silky knees, entrapped as usual for being naughty peeking up her irresistible cute mini-skirt yet again!!!

    3. 40 - always love the pleated school girl mini-skirt with the hand on the hip warning/promise of a good spanking to come for getting caught/entrapped as usual peeking up under your little mini-skirt yet again, just can't resist those sensuous silky legs and teasing pretty panties!!!!

    And of course you teasing in all your other pretty short and flared skirts equally deserve my naughty attention too, that's why I enjoy and can't wait to spoil you with more new pretty dresses!!!
    You know who,
    ND =;)