Monday, March 19, 2018

Young Man, You Are Going Over My Lap

Yes, I know that for once you haven't done anything wrong.  Sometimes I just want to spank you... because I'm craving it.


  1. NO PLEASE.....I haven't done anything wrong.....

  2. My idea of a dream wife/girlfriend! I wish more attractive women like you thought this way.....just sayin ;)

  3. Very soon my darling will be pulling her naughty devil over her silky knees to satisfy both of our playful naughty cravings! Can't wait to be put back exactly where I belong over your sensuously silky knees with my underwear being yanked down to my knees for an oh so overdue long bare bottom over-the-knee spanking!!! Hmmm, for once haven't done anything wrong??? Well I'll just have to work on that to maintain proficiency in my naughty devil always needing an over-the-knee bare bottom spanking status; my darling sweetheart certainly couldn't let my lifetime membership of the renown order of the blushing bare bottom lapse, now could we? My darling sweetheart's cravings certainly won't let ever happen and always have such a way to make her teasing naughty devil blush in the most amusing places and need to be cuddled for loving forgiveness regardless of transgression or lack thereof. Absolutely just love it when you're struck with these cravings my dear!

    Xoxo (between spankings of course),
    You know who, ND =;)