Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thank You For the New Strap and Other Updates

Leather Strap

Thank you to the spanko who made me this lovely leather strap! It's gorgeous and feels amazing in my hand...

Other updates:
  • I know a lot of you check my travel schedule to see if I will be in Seattle, based on whether you see a trip on my schedule.  Keep in mind, that some trips are not posted! 
  • I'm about a week behind on answering emails.  Based on how busy I am right now, I will most likely not get around to answering your email until Friday the earliest.  Sorry for the delay!
Also thank you to the spanko who took this photo of me, very much appreciate it!


  1. That's a nice looking Strap, great picture of you ;)

  2. Always my pleasure to capture the vision of your stunning beauty in your gorgeous and cute sexy outfits and dresses, just ready to take a naughty devil over your silky knee; exactly where this naughty devil yearns to be! ND =;)