Monday, January 22, 2018

Little Does This Mailman Know...

F/m spanking

that this beautiful wife is spanking her naughty husband with her hairbrush and he is currently in the corner while she answers the door.


  1. Of course if he is a naughty devil mail man, he is probably wishing that this lovely lady answering the door in her lingerie would pull him inside for a naughty bare bottom over-the-knee spanking for staring and being much too happy knowing he is delivering her a brand new spanking paddle in the package. And a true naughty devil mail man hopes she has many more new paddles and straps on order (plus pretty flirty dresses and cute sexy panties too!!!) to be delivered every day!!!
    Wickedly yours with xoxo's and eagerly awaiting my next bare bottom blushing, ND =;)

  2. Another GREAT 'Jay Em' drawing, I've got this one in my collection of his artwork. Really a FUN idea he had for this particular drawing! ;)

  3. another GREAT 'Jay Em' drawing! I've got this one in my collection of some of his artwork ;)