Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm Hearing a Lot of Optimism For 2018

I know that 2017 was a really rough year for a lot of people, but I'm hearing a lot of optimism about 2018! People seem really excited. Employment seems to be really good, a lot of amazing companies out there are on the forefront of doing some innovative & mind blowing things. Investors focusing on some of these companies by buying their stock, as well as CryptoCurrencies seems to have taken off.

I can still remember when the only time I ever heard about Bitcoin was in talking with other providers like myself, who at the time were advertising in  the fetish section of Backpage (this was before the Jan 2017 event when BP closed down it's entire adult entertainment section including the fetish section).  Now I hear people talking about it at the gym, in coffee shops, even grannie's are talking about Bitcoin as an investment strategy.

But my point is that for the first time in a long time, people seem to be excited about a lot of upcoming stuff and there seems to be a lot of optimism out there.  Are you excited about 2018 specifically or just the future in general?  If so, and you don't mind sharing, either feel free to post here in the comments section or send me a private email, telling me what specifically are you excited & optimistic about?  

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  1. Without starting any political battles, I can say for certain that the people I do work for are optimistic, and making investments that are beneficial to a large segment of the public. I’m hopeful for 2018!

    Kevin R.