Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thank You CM For the Lovely Testimonial!

Dear Reader,

If you knew that Miss Jenn was coming to your city, would you take the necessary steps to make an appointment with her?  I am asking because I am wondering what it takes to move from being someone who reads this blog and dreams of being spanked by her, to being someone who takes that step and makes an appointment with her?  

For me, I was terrified at first!  I can't tell you how long I looked at her picture and read and reread her blog.  I was trying to gather the courage to just send her an email inquiring about her and her services.  I think the word *Professional* is what scared me the most.  What the hell was a *professional* going to think of little ol me?  On top of that, the word professional brought up images of sex workers. (hey, I am being honest!)  Knowing that she called herself a professional disciplinarian also made me quite wary.  Somehow that title put her on a different wave length than the one I am on.  It made her *better* than me somehow.  I had a LOT of crazy thoughts for sure.

I did find the courage to send that first email to her.  It is the best choice I have made for myself in a very long time.  Pushing past all my fears and concerns, I wrote and sent an email asking questions and stating some of my concerns.  She answered me back as soon as she could.  To my surprise she did her best to answer my questions and address my concerns in her very first email to me.  I had done my *homework* and researched her.  I found the interviews  she did with Andy (who has a very famous spanking blog that he has done for a few years)  He is well known by most all of the Professional Disciplinarians we have ever heard of!  He interviewed her and was even spanked by Miss Jenn.

I am very familiar with the BDSM community and have friends who are Pro Dommes.  I have played with quite a few of them.  I was concerned that a Pro Disciplinarian might be sort of the same way.  I was concerned about protocol and such.  I knew that I didn't want it to be the same.  I wanted a much more personable experience and honestly, I wanted it to be much more about *me* and not about *serving*.  I was delighted to find out that it was not at all like going to a Pro Domme.  Miss Jenn is very personable and friendly.  She is not a Mistress.  She is a wonderful woman who is also a Top and a Spanker.  She loves what she does!

When I found out the fee involved in having an hour long session with her, I was a little taken back.  It sure seemed like a lot for an hour of her time.  This aspect too, I researched.  Her fee is what most pro's out there ask for and is actually lower than some of them.  When I had my first session with her, I came away knowing that she was worth every penny of that time and more!

When you take that first step, fill out the application and then speak with her on the phone for a short interview, I can promise you that you will be glad that you did.  She is a lovely person to talk to.  Meeting with her, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful woman you meet.  She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.  She genuinely likes people and it shows.  She is a highly skilled Spanker as well.  You will not be disappointed there!  She is discreet.  That means that she holds your privacy as dear to herself as her own.  She will protect your privacy completely.

So, what are you waiting for?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here.  I know for a fact that she is heading to Houston soon and has a couple of session times still available.  If you have been thinking about this for awhile (like I was) here is your opportunity to make that dream a reality!  Don't let the opportunity to see a dream fulfilled pass you by!  You will be so glad that you took the steps and met her, I promise!


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  1. I have met with several Professionals and just want to say what you said here rings true to many of them!
    They are not the Domme's you meet at an event although they do have their own wants and needs to be filled how ever that maybe!
    But Like Miss Jenn the Professional Disciplinarian is in a class all their own!
    They cater to the people who have a need deep inside that only a Spanking by someone who truly knows that need can care for!
    Tes I said "Care" They Care as much for you as a Sister,Auntie,Mom or Teacher of days gone bye!
    When you go to see her you will suddenly feel calm and comfortable as you find they are very caring and want your time with them to be about what your needs and wants are!
    Professional Disciplinarians take the time to get to know you! They sit down and listen to what you are wanting and then have to think about what this person is telling them then put it all together to fill that need!
    I can say of the many Professionals that I know they are well worth the time and cost they ask for!
    I am a heavy bottom and have one who I try to see at least once or twice a year!
    No they don't just forget you after you walk out the door!
    They become in many cases life long friends who will always care for you and the trust you gave them is just a secrete as their own things are to them!
    So if you are curious about what its like to be Spanked or Like me you have that need deep inside you to be held accountable or Need to just let go of lives stresses!
    Find one in your area or take the time to request a time to talk and or meet with Miss Jenn!
    You will be pleased you did and I bet before you leave you will want to plan some time to spend with her again!
    Hugs Miss Jenn you and Professionals Like Miss Chris and others are so Awesome and a blessing to all us Naughty Boy's and Girls who need someone like you!