Thursday, April 21, 2016

He Knows Why...


  1. What a yummy assortment! Looks like a great time is about to be had!

  2. I know why also! As hard as I try to let go of things inside me is a little boy who knows he needs a Caring Woman who understands that little boy will only settle down after he has had a good spanking!
    Thank You for being that Caring Woman in a world where Little boys never grow up and need you to be there refuge in lives small storms!

  3. "He Knows Why" .... Because you are gonna make him cry?

    @Jackowens .... Very well said good fellow! The little boy inside this grown man requires the same caring nurture, and is very grateful to have been blessed with the strict spanking discipline that Miss Jenn so lovingly, and generously, administers :) !!! Thank you Miss Jenn :)