Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yes it Will Hurt, I Will Make Sure of That


  1. As Scared as i am know it will, I would not get the benefits of what a good hard spanking does if it didn't Hurt!
    You have to make it hurt to push out all the things that brought me here in the first place!

    1. This is a favourite phrase of my wife's who picked it up from an aunt of hers! I know I am in for a sound spanking from my wife ,sometimes in front of a couple of her friends , when she says this after she sends me for her hair brush and her cane ! I then have to position a chair for me to bend over ! But first she undresses me in front of them ,if they are there, removing trousers and pants andtucking up my shirt ! her guests are waitig to see my penis/balla as well as my bare bottom ! She spanks fairly hard with the brush producing loud cries from me as she makes sure it does hurt! Then it is the caning which bites into my bare bum until I am pleading for her to stop! Some chance, until she is satisfied her objective has been reached, as I rub my bum to soothe the pain! After she always forgives me and when they have gone we rush upstairs for some lovely mutual comfort !! Rob