Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No Excuses!

This young man, with Down Syndrome is about to make his dreams come true by competing in a bodybuilding competition.  Talk about inspirational!!!

Is there a dream in your life that you have not fulfilled? Possibly not even started?

Quote from the article that I loved: "For most aspiring bodybuilders, getting ready for competition is a tough journey that takes loads of sweat and sacrifice in the gym. That didn't dissuade Collin Clark. Once the determined, 22-year-old from Indiana made up his mind to compete at a local bodybuilding event, he refused to let any hurdles prevent him from achieving his goal -- not the long hours of training, not the strict diet he would now have to follow, and not the fact that he has Down Syndrome."

Here is the full article. I hope you'll think of Collin Clark the next time you are procrasting on fulfilling your dreams. No excuses!

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