Saturday, November 7, 2015

It Looks Like a Paddle, But It's Not

During my last personal training session, I was at the bench press and my trainer was telling me that I need to "spread" the bar.  I was doing it wrong about 10% of the time and he wanted to make sure I learned this so that I can do it right all the time, especially when he is not around to correct me.  Now for the life of me I couldn't understand exactly what I was suppose to do.  He kept telling me I need to "twerk" more.  I jokingly told him that sounded like he wanted me to do something that we all know Miley Cyrus is known for and that I really didn't want to be following in the footsteps of dear Miley. He was rather amused.  So as I stood up to let my trainer demonstrate what "twerking" on the bench press looks like (nothing remotely like what Miley Cyrus does with Robin Thicke to his song "Blurred Lines". ), I saw this (see photo below) which looks just like a paddle!!!!

I asked my trainer what exactly this strange thing was & why it was at the gym? He jokingly responded back "Ahhhhhh, we use that to give spankings to clients who have been bad".  hehe, little did he know who he was talking to ;) 

He then told me it was actually a bench press board, to be used while bench pressing so that you know how far down to bring the bar.  

No slacking off on your presses while this baby is on your chest.  If the bar does not touch the board, then you can't count that as a rep.

Just an FYI that NONE of these pictures are of me.

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