Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thank you Marshall for the glowing testimonial!

Thank you Marshall for the glowing testimonial.  We had so much fun, didn't we?   Looking forward to our next session!

As I write this, it's almost 1 a.m., and I can't sleep.  I'm still too excited about the disciplinary session I had with Miss Jenn last night.  To my knowledge, she is Seattle's only true disciplinarian--not a dominatrix, but a disciplinarian.  There's a difference.

Having to wait several months at a time in order for one of the nation's disciplinarians to visit Seattle is incredibly frustrating.  Now, there is no more waiting.  We--or, should I say, I--now have my own disciplinarian.

To have a beautiful, statuesque, sexy woman who is willing, able, and highly skilled at spanking, paddling, whipping, and OTK with incredible endurance, shared humor when appropriate, and true joy of spanking is simply too good to be true.  And, she's only 10 minutes away from where I live in Seattle!

Oh . . . and, she's ruthless.

Frankly, we had so much fun that I had serious doubts about whether she had it in her to deliver the kind of discipline I sought.  After all, if you talk and laugh together, can you really expect Miss Jenn to then thrash you to the point of tears, for a long, long period of time?  While I didn't technically cry (I never do), I really did.  My nose and sinuses were so congested as our session progressed--well, that's tears, just concentrated in places other than my eyes.  I asked that I not have a safeword, and she certainly honored my request  Only once did I get an unplanned break--that was when her paddle landed in such a spot and with such force that she literally knocked me over!  But, she expected me to immediately get back into position for more spanking and, of course, I obeyed her.  So, my unplanned break probably lasted a grand total of 10 seconds.  But, a 10-second break in this kind of spanking was a godsend.  Yet, thank God it was only 10 seconds! 

Her space is very private, and she insists on mutual discretion.

I'm going to try to go to sleep, now.  While I usually sleep on my back, that won't be possible tonight because I'm still quite sore.  But, her paddles, whip and crop ventured off to the side, too.  So, that won't be any picnic while trying to sleep, either!

Yes, it hurt and still hurts; yes, I still look like I'm deeply sunburned.  

But, oh, what a glorious sting, what glorious pain, and how tortuous it is for me to realize that she's only a few minutes away.  I may never sleep again!  I think I'm addicted to Miss Jenn!

--Marshall, from Seattle

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