Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thank You *Puppy Dog!

One of my very loyal boys, Puppy Dog (this is the name he chose for himself, as I never use real names in my blog) took me on a shopping spree yesterday. I got to try out various spanking implements on him, see how it felt to swing it, hear how it sounded as it made contact with his bum. I asked him for his feedback on how it felt as the spankee, & even gave him the privilege of trying the implements on me! Why you ask? After all, I am the disciplinarian. However, I like to know how each implement feels (is it more of a sting or dull ache or is it pretty dangerous? Is it tiny but with an OMG punch to it or is it big but doesn't do much?). Oh how much fun we had trying out different toys, I tried on various outfits & costumes, & just playing in the store. Puppy Dog spent close to $400 on all my new toys & I am soooo eager to play with them! You can imagine after a few hours of being silly & playing in the store, what an appetite we built up. Oh yes, we were famished, so we completed the night with a lovely dinner in Edmonds. Thank you Puppy Dog for all my new toys & looking forward to using them on you & all my naughty little boys and girls who need to be put in their place!

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