Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thank You Marshall, For The Lovely Spanking Gifts!

Marshall spoiled me rotten with just the most lovely, spanking implements! Marshall calls them "fearsome", I call them "fun". Of course that may have something to do with whose bum is on the other side of the spanking cane/strap/crop ;) But I was just thrilled and it felt like Christmas unwrapping all my gifts and playing with my new toys!

He got me a British School Spanking Cane (just the name sounds so regal, don't you think?), a dark wooden paddle with one big hole called "The Bottom Burner" (for good reason too), the Mr. Studly Black Studded Spanking Strap (one of my favorites, although there are many), Natural Willow Branch Bundle (which needs to be soaked an hour or so prior to use), a Pinned Hair Brush (another classic spanking implement), a Tear Drop Leather Crop (makes such a nice sound on impact, this is like music to be ears), and an 18-inch wooden bath brush.  How did I ever get so lucky?!?

Here is a photo of my collection of toys now, with Marshall's new gifts included.


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