The Armory

So many fun implements to play with...

 Thank you Kevin, for these lovely strap (above & below). The blue strap for household discipline. The red strap, common in Reform Schools, & the black Prison Strap.  Both the red & the black have a rubber core, which greatly enhances the "corrective value" of the implement.
A gorgeous Spencer Paddle made from a spanko in Hawaii. The wood is maple.
spanking paddle

spanking toys
Photo Below From Left to Right:
Cane-Iac Delrin cane,Mahogany long paddle, Triple Delrin Cane,Mango paddle with Mahogany Handle,Mahogany OTK paddle with Two Holes for a more stingy spanking, Leather slapper, and a Mahogany paddle
Another wicked strap from Kevin R.  One side leather, one side rubber.  Think you can handle this?
spanking strap

Thank you Kevin R., for creating this lovely paddle for me!  The wood is Tambote from South America.  It's very hard, dense, & has a wild graining figure. The grip is true Ebony w/ white Micarta accents underneath. The mosaic pins securing the grips are brass, copper, & nickel and go all the way through from one side to the other for strength.

Thank you Dave from D.C. for this fab leather studded paddle! I also loved our Miss Jenn Experience at the Monuments.
2 of my vintage celluloid hairbrushes
2 amazing canes from the UK
A vintage Board of Corrections paddle from Victoria Rage

More vintage hairbrushes
spanking hairbrush
 Only a spanko can truly appreciate the beauty & power of the hairbrush
Thank you P for this adorable gem, love the saying
spanking paddle

 Thank you Clint for these 2 amazing paddles. The top one, "Small Hickory", a silky smooth (in my opinion) OTK paddle hand carved out of hickory wood.  The bottom one, "The Brute", made of black walnut wood and engraved with my name!!!! It's a force to be reckoned with, 18" long and a full 1/4"thick and 3"wide. And both are so silky smooth that I just love the feel of them against my skin, and you will too!
Thank you CH for this pervertible
Cousin Jon made this one for me.  I have scared many boys (and girls) with this one!

Thank you J for this Natural Willow Branch Bundle which needs to be soaked in warm water for 30-minutes prior to use
Carpet beater from J, bath brush & hairbrush from a spanko in Vegas.  The left 2 are quite wicked!

An "evil stick" made from South American Canarywood from the Rosewood family.  Thank you, Kevin for this gem!
spanking implement

More pervertibles, thank you Crie!

Made from curly wood (thank you!)
Cherry wood (lighter bigger paddle) & walnut (smaller, darker). Thank u Princess V
Some more fun ones! From two different spanko's. The Jokari paddle & the lollipop
Below: The loopy johnny, 8mm x 28in long oil filled cane, horse crop, & paint stick
A lovely belt strap that Ms. Portia made for me
The purple heart from Miss S at KinkFest in Portland
purple heart paddle

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  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE Collection Miss Jenn!! (and I especially like the wooden 'fish shaped' one) ;)

  2. I love it! When I was in 1st grade my teacher took me to the principles office and she used a paddle that was a Fish like yours only no hole in it!

  3. Which toys are you bringing to Florida?

  4. I was spanked by Miss Jenna one time I had a good time with her hopefully she'll come back to Dallas and have another session with her