Friday, February 10, 2023

This naughty young lady took quite a spanking, look at those blazing RED hot cheeks!

 F/f OTK spanking

Despite how incredibly tiny she is, she can take a HARDER bare bottom spanking than most of the population.

Miss Jenn Davis spanking naughty girl

Do they give out prizes for having an iron butt? Because if they do, this sweet thing deserves a medal.


Plus, who could resist a bootie this cute? It's just asking to be spanked 😉

Miss Jenn Davis hairbrush spanking
 She is such a squirmer, that I had to leg lock her in place

 Don't you just love that blush she's got going on? 

And I am loving the influx of young people right now. In the past week, I spanked 3 young spankos all in their 20s. And in case you are wondering, I spank naughty boys & girls of consenting age from 18 to 99 (although 90 is still my oldest, but perhaps someone will come see me, who can beat that record)


  1. I have noticed that sometimes folks who are really skinny and tiny can take much harder spankings than others who have more meat on their bones, (and bottoms), interesting how that happens

  2. This girl is so pretty :p and so well behaved

    1. I know exactly who is writing this and you will be getting some HARD spanks for that, young lady

    2. oh no... but it's anonymous how did you know :(