Thursday, April 29, 2021



Professional Disciplinarian holding a paddle

It tends to happen to all of us at some point, there are a lot of pictures of us out there and they get stolen. I was recently told by someone that a person impersonating me on Facebook reached out to them and ended up scamming them. This sucks for both me and the person being scammed. So if you are talking with someone that you think is me or another Professional Disciplinarian, spanking model, ProDomme, etc it's best to go straight to the "real" Providers website.  From there you will see their various links/URLs to social media & other platforms they use. So if someone is pretending to be me on Facebook, go to my website (which you are on right now if you are reading this blog post) and look at my "About Your Professional Disciplinarian" page. On this page, you will see the correct links to my Facebook pages. Does this match the person that you "think" is me?

Also, most legitimate providers are way too busy to be reaching out to random people on social media and private messaging them, trying to start a relationship with them, and asking them for money.

I can probably count the number of times that I personally have reached out to someone. And normally the people I reach out to are in some ways in the industry and I'm trying to collaborate (say if you are a podcaster, I might reach out to you. Or maybe another content creator.  basically someone that I might be able to collaborate with) with. Obviously, it's different, if you are a subscriber, on my mailing list, or something like that. That's a totally different scenario.

Most providers don't reach out to people as they are just way too busy.  There are some who do though, so obviously do your homework and make sure that you are talking to the "real" person. Does it sound like verbiage they would use? Do the links they use match up? Can you pay them via the methods they have listed on their website (for example, I have NiteFlirt listed. So if you wanted to pay me for a service & you contacted me and asked if you could pay me via the NiteFlirt link on my website, I would generally say YES to this question, unless what you are requesting is against NiteFlirts TOS (terms of service). Do the services they offer match up to what their website says, do their limits match up? I don't do nudity, so if someone was impersonating me and offering to send you nudes, you can be guaranteed that is NOT me & you'll end up losing the money and never get those pics.

And this applies only to me, not other providers...but if someone claiming to be me ever contacts you & they are wanting a relationship with you or offering you something sexual, I can guarantee, that is NOT me. Even if I was "on the market", which I am not, that is not how I operate nor is it anything that I would do. No matter how hot or fit or rich you may be, I am not going around cruising random people's social media profiles and contacting them.

Now I have no idea the details on how this person was scammed or what they were offering. I am just giving examples of ways you could know that you weren't talking to me, but that you were being contacted by someone impersonating me.

So please do your due diligence when contacting well-known Dommes and Disciplinarians like myself, since we have our pictures plastered all over hundreds of different websites. And as I said, at some point in one's career, this happens to all of us.

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis
Do your homework!

Stay safe out there & maybe one day we will get rid of all the fake people out there impersonating and scamming others. I'd say they deserve a good HARD spanking, but that may be just what they are looking for ;)

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  1. Sadly there will always be those that impersonate or scam, but we must always fight the good fight and not stop.

    -- debbie