Thursday, April 15, 2021

Old Magazine Article on Spanking in the Household


should wives be spanked

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  1. Wives definitely need to be let known that they are truly loved and desired, and naughty devil husbands truly love taking their darlings over their knees to have teasing wives' skirts pulled up to admire and compliment such luscious sassy behinds that have been just begging to be lovingly spanked for the constant teasing, testing and entrapping their naughty devil husbands have had to endure. Thinking their always in charge, darling wench wives are so long overdue for a good old fashion panties down bare bottom over the knee spankings, forgiveness and cuddling with happy endings from their loving naughty devil daddies. Mutual spankings, playfulness and affection, just what every happy spanking relationship needs.
    ND =;)