Sunday, April 7, 2019

Thank You For Helping Me Reach 1 Millions Views For My Spanking Blog


Within the past year, this blog hit the 1 million mark. As in 1 million pageviews for it's all time history.  Wish I could have noticed that when it actually happened (I'm guessing it was 6 months ago maybe), but these are things I normally notice long after the fact. Life is just too busy spanking naughty bottoms!

So I just want to really thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  Whether this is your FIRST time ever visiting (how exciting for you!) or whether you are one of my die hard loyal fans who read this blog daily or weekly, without you coming back to my site over and over again, this wouldn't be possible. Doesn't matter if you have never reached out to me, never commented on a post, or never met me, I still appreciate you!

Feel free to leave a note in the comments, as to how often you read my blog and what you like about it. I'm always curious to hear from you, my readers & fans. And even if it's just for the cute spanking memes, spanking art, and spanking pictures that I post, that is a totally valid reason.

1 comment:

  1. I've been enjoying reading your blog (and knowing you) since you started it. I'm probably responsible for 1000 or so of the 'views' you've had over the past few years, (and WHO Exactly is keeping track of this? is it a service or something?), looking foward to seeing many more posts from you and getting together with you in the future. :) ALWAYS GLAD when you post Cartoons and also pics from trips you've been on ;)