Sunday, April 14, 2019

Flipping back and forth between caring vs humiliation vs teasing vs strict

People sometimes wonder how I can do role plays that bring out very different aspects in my personality, some that may even be complete opposite of who I am as a person. Going from sweet & caring mother to humiliatrix to teasing to taunting bully within the same day, sometimes within the same session. I don't have a good answer for that, but I just know that I can tap into different aspects of my personality or sometimes I can think to a scene from a movie or book and tap into that. Yeah there are some days when certain aspects of my personality wants to dominate (say my very strict mother/wife/boss side), but most days I can flip back and forth with ease, and keeping you on edge never knowing what will come out of my mouth next. Will it be caring & motherly, or will it be degrading (only if this is something you have asked for) or perhaps teasing?

Miss Jenn Davis

Granted some peoples scenes may call for only one side of things (a strict corporal punishment session may not leave room for my silly goofy side to come out or humiliation to take place, it may not even call for my caring side to come out until the very end, if even then, as that may not be appropriate for the scene itself) so that person may only see that one side of me. But some people's scenes bring out all kinds of aspects of my personality, or sometimes it's the person I'm interacting with that brings that side of me out.

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  1. ALWAYS Great that you can do that. This is the part of Spanking and role play that makes it SO much gives you a chance to 'Act' as if you were in a play or on stage, (as I have been), it gives you freedom t explore all kinds of emotions and things, I love it!