Friday, April 19, 2019

Spoil Miss Jenn

In case you want to spoil me, and it has been a while, here is the link to my Amazon wishlist:



  1. Not a bad idea....always like 'Spoiling' Miss Jenn ;)

  2. Of course you always need a new dress to flirt and tease in for your naughty devil to get caught peeking up, entrapped having earned yet another trip over your silky knees! Not too mention how oh so thrilled naughty devils are for switch time to take his cute naughty teasing spoiled dolly over his knee to just have to lift up that new pretty dress too to see what cute sexy naughty frilly panties are just waiting to surprise and tease to no end! Yes indeed, it has been a while since your last dress up, cute panties to your knees pretty blushing bare bottom otk spanking too my oh so spoiled dear!!! How could a naughty devil resist not wanting to spoil you with a new pretty dress??? Expect your package soon and sashay your cute spoiled fanny here this instant!!!!!

    There, that should incite a good blushing bare bottom over-the-knee spanking or two ... or more!!!

    Always peeking and teasing,
    Your sassy spankable ND =;)

  3. I ALWAYS enjoy spoiling you Miss Jenn....just don't get enough chances to do it! I'm GLAD that you've enjoyed the times I've been able to though ;)