Saturday, October 20, 2018

And My Final Trip of the Year...

spanker holding hairbrush

...will be to Baltimore in November! So excited to be returning in only a few weeks :)

For exact dates click this link here

Book me soon as I've already got many spots filled with my regulars. 

Where will I be traveling to next year in 2019?  

D.C. / Northern Virginia / Baltimore for sure
Most likely L.A., Orange County & Vegas
Possibly Chicago or Philadelphia


  1. Now my dear you know your naughty devils are always just so happy to be back over your silky knees again and again earning frequent spanking blushes! Do have to keep the blush glowing now don't we and quite enjoyed your lovely cute Seattle spanking sister Cassidy's visit too, all the more reason for naughty devils to make reciprocal visits west to the magical over-the-knee land of the alluringly charming Sexy Spanking Sirens of Seattle. (I'm quite sure your absolute favorite Naughty Devil will be paying for this long and hard over your silky sensuously knees later on your coming trip, not to mention when Mommy Jenn gets the naughty report card from Mommy Cassidy too!
    As usual, wickedly fantasized with naughty pride, your incorrigible, playfully amusing and always affectionate ND =;)

  2. hi there Jenn just to let you know I am from Baltimore where you will visiting @IMLX_in_Seattle mentioned me to you.