Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy To Demonstrate This New Model of Brush

hairbrush spanking

on your backside


  1. Such a lucky little naughty devil that Jones boy, having the nice pretty traveling Acme Brush saleslady stop by to give bare bottom over-the-knee demonstration spankings on the best use of the all of the brushes to pretty Mommy to try! And he is even luckier, Mommy was so thrilled and impressed she bought the whole case of brushes after repeating the demonstration of each one on his brightly blushing bare bottom! Such a caring and loving Mommy that naughty devil Jones boy has! And such an outstanding sales lady, she sells out of all of her brushes after each visit to Mommies with teasing naughty devil sons, husbands and extra naughty devil flirting boyfriends in dire need of an over-the-knee spanking across the nation coast to coast, winning Acme's Traveling Spanking Brush Saleslady of the Year award consecutively year after year!
    See you soon dear, gleefully from the otk pov position as usual!
    So misbehaving as usual, who else but your ever playfully teasing incorrigible ND =;)

    1. see you soon ND, BIG hugs & spanks coming your way!