Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bare Bottom Spankings

spanking cartoon

This reminds me of the spankings for charity events they have at all the National Spanking Parties!  Sigh, this is making me want to go to ShadowLane next month...


  1. I will be at SL next month! But I would run a Marathon of Take a Swat for every $10 or $20 donated to A charity Like St Jude's,Susan B Coleman,or a Good Foundation!

  2. Naughty devils will be quite charitable waiting in line at your spanking chair and getting back in line several times for several good causes! And there is no finer cause than to please you by making worthy contributions while happily have a brightly blushing bare bottom over-the-knee spanking bent over your silky knees!!! Always needing a spanking, your ND =;)