Sunday, December 10, 2017

Have You Been Checking Your Marks In the Mirror...

since you last saw me?

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  1. Dear Miss Jenn,

    Never having been spanked as a boy, I began paddling and strapping my bare bottom at age 13, and I always preferred using my parents' bedroom (they both worked) where mirrors could be arranged to give me a perfect straight-on view of my naughty backside as I warmed and reddened it. The sight of my blushing bumcheeks and upper thighs enchanted me like nothing else ever has.

    Even now at 66, I still paddle my bare bottom. I had a great many spankings over the lap of female authority in years past, but I'm back now to doing the job myself. My saucy bum has always resembled nothing so much as two water-filled balloons (creamy smooth and jiggly), and I delight in photographing it as I paddle it pink with my hairbrush. The best pictures are then saved on my computer.