Monday, March 13, 2017

Various Spanking Scene's

Different people, different outfits, different days, different spanking poses. Who knows, perhaps you will even find yourself in here?  But only if you asked for pictures!


  1. Are these spankings given for gentle reminders to behave or for real life issues?

    1. Each scene is different & depends on what was negotiated a head of time.

    2. It's still puzzling to me. There are so many reasons and situations for a grown up man to submit to a spanking by a disciplinarian like you. Still a real life situation must imply a higher degree of severity. Of course all your spankings are real punishments, well I suppose. It hurts really bad,. And it's supposed to. gaspings, screamings and howlings must not be uncommon during your session. My point is when a real life issue in occurring, is your mindset different? A husband sent by his wife to get a trashing for cheating on her must have a dramatic higher degree of delivery. Can you really say a thing like: I had so much fun spanking you? Or is it? Another quesiton. Tailorering a spanking as asked by the client, is it not a way to top you from the bottom? But maybe you don't want to bother with questions like that on this blog. If so I'll respect that from now on.