Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thank You For the Testimonial, Roger

< Told in character of the role-play >

So I met this amazing flight attendant on my trip to Dallas, and we hit it off so well that I pressed my luck and talked my way up to her hotel room.  She greets me at the door in full uniform (God bless you Southwest Airlines), and my anticipation for a memorable evening spikes.

Soon as we turn the corner into her spacious bedroom I’m flabbergasted by the number and variety of paddles, canes, and straps set out all over the place.  So, she’s a spanko!  I’d been watching for a chance to turn a lovely lady over my knee and it was surely going to happen tonight.


We barely get started and my crazy cell phone goes off.  I ignore it all the time (and this was a perfect situation to ignore it), except I’d been anticipating a text with the meeting location for my 9am pick-up the next morning, so I had to get it.

Jenn gets a peak at the enormous handset and immediately breaks the mood.  “Isn’t that a Samsung Note 7?” she demands.

“Yea, it’s awesome, and it goes with me everywhere.”

“Don’t you realize that thing’s a time bomb that can explode in flame at any moment, and that the FAA has BANNED carriage of the device on all US flights!?” she says sternly.

“Honestly I don’t care.  That witch hunt is completely overblown, and all you have to do is tweak the voltage regulator and the phone is as safe as anything on the market.”

“HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?  The media is buzzing with stories about that phone injuring people and damaging property.  Don’t you realize what it could do to a commercial airliner?  You’re putting hundreds of innocent people in danger!”

I was beginning to realize that my night was ruined, but then she dropped this bombshell.  “I’m Southwest’s liason for TSA enforcement, and YOU sir are likely going to jail this evening.”

“What!?  This is incredible,” I stammer.  “Just hold on, Jenn.  We were about to enjoy a lovely evening together.  Why do you want to throw it all way over this lousy cell phone?”

“Oh, I’ll show you a lovely evening all right, one you’ll live to regret!  If you want to avoid criminal prosecution for your reckless disregard for public safety, you’ll listen to me very carefully and follow instructions to the letter.  UNDERSTAND?”

“OK, OK.  Just please don’t torpedo my trip and jeopardize my meeting tomorrow morning.”

“You’re going to get a lesson in respect for authority, young man.  Take off your clothes and get over my knee.”  What could I do?  She’s got me over a barrel and it’ll be a lot better taking my licks than getting sucked into a giant legal hassle.  But I had no idea how freaky it was about to get.

Jenn Davis must have a Doctor’s degree in disciplinary engineering, because I was:
1.     bent over her lap
2.     draped over foot rests
3.     extended off the arm of the sofa and head-locked by her legs
4.     and forced to kneel in the corner, arms behind my head

That was just the warm-up.  I was spanked, paddled, strapped and caned every way imaginable.  And then she marched me over to the long bench near the threshold of her room.  She manipulated me into a wheelbarrow position and unleashed another barrage of blows on my poor butt!  I’m already totally vulnerable, but that’s not even the end of it.  Next she whips out a blindfold, and proceeds to bind my wrists to the legs of the bench.  After propping my hips on a pillow, my butt’s ground zero for more straps and canes.  The abuse my bottom’s taking is agonizing and humiliating enough, and she never lets up about the damn cell phone.  She’s going on like a street-corner evangelist while trying to literally beat the devil out of me.

Finally she had her say out, and cut me loose from my predicament.  At least she rubbed some soothing lotion on my burning backside. 

Hey, where I can get a deal on an iPhone 7?

< end of role-play >

I’ve had the pleasure (and pain) of meeting Miss Jenn for multiple sessions in Dallas and once while traveling to Seattle.  She has rewarded my loyalty with amazingly diverse and illuminating experiences, helping uncover insights into my fetish and showing me thrilling new ways to play.  All that would be remarkable enough, but she’s also my very favorite person in the spanking scene.  She’s one of those rare people you like better the more you learn about her.  How many tops have you met that you want to set up with your son or daughter?  Yes, I realize how strange that sounds but I’m completely sincere.  Give her a try, and you’ll be a fan too.

Roger St. James

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