Saturday, December 10, 2016

Spoil Miss Jenn For Christmas!

Looking to spoil your Disciplinarian for Christmas but not sure what to get?  Here are a few ideas...
Everything can be sent to my P.O. Box.  Please email me for the address.  If you get me something off my Amazon wish list, they already have my address, so you would not need to email me then.

  • Movie passes (AMC, Regal, or Cinebarre)
  • Gift certificate to
  • Costco gift card
  • Want to be my chauffeur but live to far away?  Get me a gift card to 
  • Nordstrom or Fred Meyer gift card
  • Sephora or Ulta gift card (makeup)
  • Set up a weekly or monthly allowance for me on Amazon
  • Southwest Airlines gift certificate
  • If you want to get me an implement, right now "leather" is my favorite.  From London Tanners, perhaps...
  • I loving clothing & shoes (see my Amazon wishlist)

Spoil Miss Jenn!

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