Monday, May 2, 2016

Wife and Mother-in-Law...

Slipper and hairbrush...


  1. Having a second woman participate is very intriguing, but please, not the mother-in-law. Better ideas: wife's best friend, experienced woman who teaches wife how to do it, wife;s sister, friend who wife is teaching how to spank her own husband.

    1. My mother in law was told she could smack my bum if I was rude to her or refused to help her doing her big garden! She has her own cane and of course hairbrush and uses them to good effect on my clothed bottom! She is also frequently asked to join my wife in spanking and caning my bare bottom! She watches me being undressed by my wife for my punishment and joins in spanking me before my wife askes her to bring her long pliable rattan cane! It hurts and leaves angry looking red ridges, on my bottom and thighs! My lovely wife then takes me home, for some conforting!! KM

  2. There are actually real Mother and Daughter.