Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How Many Paddles Can You Find?

I love exploring! Probably goes back to my backpacking days in my 20's when I backpacked my way around the world. And yes, I even love exploring my own city.  It's amazing how many Seattle'ites will tell me they've never been to the arboretum, Lincoln Park, Seward Park, Chism Beach, rode the West Seattle Ferry, been on the Great Wheel, or went on the Ride The Ducks boat tour. This was one of those sunny warm days when I went and explored a neighborhood in Seattle in more depth. Can you guess which neighborhood I'm in? 

Just a side note for non-travelers, "backpacking" does NOT refer to camping.  Backpacking refers to living out of your backpack for months at a time. I typically stayed in hostels or cheap hotels in Asia where hostels are not very common. Most of the accommodations I stayed at were a hundred times worse than any homeless shelter you will find here in the States.

How many paddles can you find in this blog post? P.S. - Not all photos have paddles in them 


  1. OK to be honest I thought you were referring to the ones used to Spank naughty bottoms!
    So in that case I would have asked "Why would I want to find them? I mean if I was the one who hid them why would I not know where they are?

  2. Ahhhhh you are one of those naughty bottoms who hide paddles from me. *tisk, tisk

  3. Sigh. I wish I was still active. I would love to meet you. I was active in Palms Seattle at one time. the best to you.
    JGH 57