Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Birthday Spankings


  1. I can only wish I was there as nothing says I love you more then even if it is your Birthday You can still get a very real Spanking and years of age always make for a final number or a starting one!
    Then perhaps latter a Reminder Birthday spanking is also good so they remember this Birthday so it does not happen again next year!

  2. I first felt a birthday spanking when I was about 18 and it was for my friends and I a new idea! I was only the second one out of our group of 7 boys. I knew what was coming as they grabbed me and I was 'debagged' and put over someones' knees ! My bum is quite big and prooved to be a popular target. slaps raining down on my bum and thighs , some really hard and it seemed to go on for a few minutes until I had tears in my eyes!My bum was deep red and really painful and very sore! The party went on for a while before it broke up but they insisted on seeing my bare bottom before they left! I ensuered I was not the only one to suffer such a painful spanking !!