Saturday, March 4, 2023

Autographed his bottom

 and even gave a "expiration date" as to when the spanking expires

Spanked by Miss Jenn Davis

bottom autographed spanked by Miss Jenn Davis

autographed bottom


  1. Cool you were able to find something to write with! looks like you gave him a good hard spanking until the 'expiration date' ;)

  2. Now you know that incorrigible sassy naughty devil needs his fading red bottom yanked back over your silky knees much sooner than the expiration date, should be set by an expiration hour. =;)

  3. Naughty devil's spanking expiration date is long expired and soooo overdue for another over the knee bare bottom spanking! What is a poor pale bottom unspanked naughty devil to do? So much overdue interest due in the red, such much incorrigible naughtiness will never be able to be spanked off, must be spanked bare bottomed over silky knees every day without exception from now on!