Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Getting Spanked by the Wooden Spoon While OTK


OTK spanker

Does the wooden spoon frighten or excite you?
Do you like pervertibles such as this one that were commonly used yesteryear or do you prefer more spanking/BDSM implements that one would find at cane-iac or another kinky store?


  1. Miss Jenn, Good to hear from you. I will have to send you one of my wooden spoons for Christmas. Merry Christmas. S

  2. When my Mom uses anything on my bared bottom to spank and blister me she will make sure it hurts and I'll remember it for days, whether I like it or not or where it came from. She's always determined to set my bottom on fire.
    -- debbie

  3. Great to see you back and blogging, Miss Davis. I prefer traditional and domestic/parental. I never knew a parent who bought specialized implements, only what could be incorporated or fashioned from everyday items or materials. Most of the implements were very effective when it came to administering a lesson. I would rather not have anything used that suggests BDSM. Old-fashioned discipline for real misbehavior, just like I once knew. The desired psychological impact relies on these kinds of details.

  4. Oh goodie, otk time on silky knees with the wooden spoon to start, then the spatula, then the hand, then the strap, then the hairbrush, then the paddle, then the .....

    ND =;)

  5. I would like to go over your knee and feel yhe wooden spoon!