Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Can You Tell What I'm Saying To You Here?



  1. I'm going over your knee for a good hard bare bottom blistering with your brush and you’re not going to stop until you think I have learned a lesson and I'm crying uncontrollably.
    -- debbie

  2. I can't read lips, but I don't think you're saying you've been very satisfied with my behavior lately and that I can go out and hang with my friends today.

  3. Of course music to naughty devil's ears wanting to hear his darling say is Sassy teasing naughty devil being too cute being quite pleased with himself is going to get his pants and underwear yanked all the way down to his ankles this instant and will be getting pulled over my silky knees for a long hard bare bottom spanking with this little paddle ... to start!!!!
    Your always quite pleased with himself over your silky knees ND =;)