Monday, June 1, 2020

15 with paddle? 25 with the paddle? 50 with the paddle

Miss Jenn padddles

200 with the paddle? 500 with the paddle?

How many will I give you?


  1. 500 on my bare bottom, but I would even go to 1000 as you probably know I can take it.
    -- debbie

  2. 25-30 and I'd be done....wish I could take more, but I'd have to build up a tolerance to get to 50 then we'll see......NOT a 'Cast Iron Butt' like some folks are, (and one's I've played with and met....funny when a 'Spanker actually gets worn out because the 'Spankee' can take so much....I've had that happen in the past.....) LOL

  3. 25 otk with your beautiful birds eye maple hairbrush paddle would be a dream come true.

  4. Probably close to 500 + with all instrument combined. Starting with the hairbrush.