Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My Trip

All confirmations emails are out.  Didn't get yours?  Check your junk mail folder (even if we have been corresponding, sometimes my emails end up in there) and then contact me if you didn't get yours.

If you are on my trip schedule, I am soooo looking forward to seeing you.  I am however not looking forward to all that I must to do, to make this trip happen. I do hope that I have time to sleep with how long my "to do" list is.

Why do I have so little time prior to this trip?

1. I had two memorials in the week prior to this trip.  That took up a LOT of my time & emotionally it drained me that I didn't have energy to do the prep work that I need to do a head of time. Now I'm struggling to get everything DONE in the little time I have left

2. Everyone and their dog decided to email, text, etc in the days leading up to this trip.  No clue why everyone decided to hit me up at once, but it happened. There is just no way I can respond to ya'll right now. If it's not an emergency, it's not getting responded to.  

3. Do you know that I normally take 3 days off of Seattle sessions prior to a trip + 2 days post trip to deal with everything I need to do? Yup! So when you see a trip that looks like it's say only 5 days on my tour calendar.  The reality of that is, it's 5 session days + 2 travel days + 3 days prior + 2 days post.  So a 5-day trip for me is in actuality 12-days of work associated with that trip, not including the time in the months prior when I actually schedule sessions for that trip.

But sadly for this trip due to the fact that I couldn't work for 18 days earlier in Feb due to the snow storm + my car getting hit + a few other crisis that hit my life all at the same time, meant that I have been taking sessions up until the very last minute.

I set these rules & stick to them for a reason (my sanity + being realistic about what work is involved in prepping a trip), but for the first time in 4-years I had to break my rules due this particular unique situation. Sorry but paying the bills comes FIRST.


I absolutely hate pre-trip & post-trip work, but oh how much I *LOVE* getting to connect & play with you :)

See you soon!

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