Monday, March 4, 2019

I Know There Are Many Traditions to a Wedding but "Spanking the Bride" is a New One to Me

m/f spanking

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  1. Such a fine tradition established by naughty devil grooms everywhere! And what new naughty devil hubby wouldn't want to have his darling new bride with her oh so cute sassy behind over his knee? And if the new Mrs. Naughty Devil truly loves her new incorrigible hubby, she'll return his loving over-the-knee spankings 100 times over across her silky knees too, consummating their true love ... of over-the-knee spankings!
    And such a fine wedding officiated by the amusing Senior Reverend Naughty Devil with Matrimonial Spanking Vows exchanged over-the-knee at the alter in front of all of the guests, such a happy ... and embarrassing celebration of true love and wicked naughtiness! And such a reception with the bride and groom figures on the wedding cake giving over-the-knee spankings for that special touch too!
    The amusingly wicked Senior Reverend Naughty Devil is happily available to officiate Pre-Nuptial, Nuptial and Post-Divorce celebration over-the-knee spankings with all future darling Mrs. Naughty Devils to-be; live, laugh and love all the times of your life ... with a blushing bare bottom, happily spanked over-the-knee!

    Who else but your favorite, absolutely incorrigible, teasing, and quite spankable,

    ND =;)


    See you soon dear ... over your silky knees!!!