Saturday, February 9, 2019

Miss Jenn on an Impromptu Vacation Due to Snow


Miss Jenn is taking a "snow day" or in this case a "snow week".  Not taking sessions, not responding to emails (I may respond to 1 or 2 emails but that's a very small percentage of the amount of emails that come in every day). I'll still be working on audios but that's it.


  1. GREAT 'SARDAX' piece of artwork, he does have an excellent style ;)

  2. Hi Miss Jenn. I live in Kent, Wa. And this weather is messing every thing up good. I just discovered your wonderful site last week and sure wish I would have known about you years ago because I am going to be 70 this April and in terrible health with terminal cancer as well as Parkinson's disease. Thank you for a great and much needed service here in Seattle. I have enjoyed several of your free short film clips and many more to enjoy. Stay indoors and warm until we get back to normal.

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