Monday, January 28, 2019

Judge Jenn weighed all of the evidence and gave me a HARD spanking sentence

A poem from a naughty boy
female spanker

I spent the weekend in sin city
Drinks were free, the waitress was pretty
Poker, Blackjack, slot machines galore
A naughty boy could not ask for more

My bottom warned it was dangerous
To be so naughty in Las Vegas
At the same time as strict Miss Jenn
But this naughty boy did not listen

I had one more drink and one more bet
And both of them I came to regret
I picked up Miss Jenn at the airport
And she quickly convened spanking court

Judge Jenn weighed all of the evidence
And gave me a HARD spanking sentence
A guilty verdict was handed down
Justice awaited this naughty clown

Since I was a big jackpot winner
Miss Jenn said I could buy her dinner
Then we went to my BIG hotel suite
Miss Jenn began to apply the heat

It was not soothing like Icy Hot
Oh no, it was definitely not
It was hard spanks from sweet, strict Miss Jenn
She made my bottom sore, my head spin

She's the one whom wives/girlfriends employ
To discipline their naughty/bad boy
So why did I think I would be spared
From Miss Jenn's spanks on my bottom bared?

Miss Jenn spanks hard, whatever it takes
She does not give bad boys patty cakes :(
I want patty cakes, I keep trying
But Miss Jenn spanks until I'm crying :(

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Judge Jenn! Only good boys get patty cakes spankings. And like the Pretenders song, "Bad Boys Get SPANKED". Drinking, gambling, waitress flirting, dancing girl watching = BAD BOY. BAD BOY = HARD SPANKING!!! Naughty boy needed your strict discipline!