Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

well if spanking is the same old thing, then I'm all for it...

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  1. New Year and a new calendar to fill with more happy spanking dates for Naughty Devil to look forward to to be extra naughty and incorrigible teasing to have pants and underwear yanked down and bent over my darling's silky knees, held firmly in place for more well deserved bare bottom blushing spankings and stern scoldings, should be all 365 days ... and nights too for twice the fun and twice the forgiving cuddling afterward too!!! (When it comes to loving over-the-knee bare bottom spankings and affectionate cuddling aftercare, naughty devils do get quite greedy!!!)
    Happy Spanking New Year!!!
    As Always, Your Incorrigible ND =;)