Friday, February 16, 2018

She Looks Like She Knows...

...she is about to get a spanking


  1. She also looks like she's looking foward to it!! ;)

  2. She knows perfectly well that flirting and teasing bending over to flash her pretty panties under her miniskirt maid costume is the perfect recipe for getting her naughty devil aroused to need to take her over his knee, flip up that little skirt and slide those little pretty panties down to her knees for a good loving spanking to blush her oh so cute bare bottom!!! Of course she also knows her naughty devil loves forgiving her afterward having her sit on his lap and cuddling her just as much, and hopes she'll flirt and tease at every opportunity for more loving spankings and cuddling between getting his own bare bottom spankings over her silky knees too!!! Always hopeful and wickedly naughty too, your ND =;)