Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Miss Jenn Experience in San Fran

One of my spanko's had been wanting to go on vacation in San Francisco and asked if I would meet him there to do the Miss Jenn Experience while on vacation. I said yes, and these are just a few pic's of the fun times we had.  Of course there was a lot that didn't get photographed, if you know what I mean (his spanking, for example!) ;)
 Paddlin' Pizza's.  Should be "Paddlin' Bare Bottoms", now that would make a much better venue!
 The Rock (below)
 Alcatraz, love this place!

 Life on Alcatraz
 The tour is phenomenal, by the way!

 Some of these prisoners were beyond brilliant. I am amazed at what they were able to pull off!

 I normally post lots of art on my blog... This time it's not 'spanking art' sadly.
 "The Armory", wonder how different it is from my armory?

 Looks like the guards had some fun toys as well...

 We rode a pedicab to dinner on the San Francisco waterfront!

 They should have added "Free Corporal Punishment" to this shirt, but I guess it was not designed for masochists ;)
 "Bars in Every Room", too bad it's not swanky bars with Cosmo's & Martini's.
 The Painted Ladies

 Love those fishnets & high heels, great store for sissies.

 Look, there's R2-D2! (below)

 They kept showing an advertisement for a dungeon, but it was not the type of dungeon I was imagining it to be

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