Sunday, February 28, 2016

I've Missed My Seattle Spanko's & Re-Opening!

So happy to be home, I have missed my Seattle Spanko's!

(I took this photo while kayaking Lake Union from my friends house boat)

Looking forward to spanking some bottoms in Seattle again.  I am re-opening to sessions, however with one change.  For an undetermined amount of time, I have decided that my shortest session will be a 90-minute session. This won't be forever but if you've got your heart set on a 60-min session, then you will have to be patient. Also, this does not apply to my Portland trip. I will post on here when I go back to 60-min sessions, so keep checking this site to see when that happens. 


  1. We've missed you as well Miss and I am sure your Seattle folks will be lining up... We've had a lot of time to be naughty in your absence ����

  2. I am without a doubt that you have been most naughty and quite deserving of having a punishment dished out