Thursday, June 28, 2018

An Action Shot of Miss Jenn Using the Bath Brush

F/m spanking
 Isn't this what everyone uses their bath brush for?


  1. Great Action shot! the Bath Brush is one of the most DEADLY implements in my opinion.....and if this isn't what most people use it for, it should be! ;) Ouch!!

  2. I wish that was me. I love your dress.

  3. ...this is what i truly need and deserve...harsh, unmerciful punishment!...

  4. GREAT 'Action' shot, just glad I wasn't on the receiving end! the 'bath brush' can be DEADLY!

  5. Ah from the ever present bath brush collection of my dear darling; certainly isn't for scrubbing backs as look at how perfectly new the bristles are, the business flat side is another story with the well worn imprints of naughty devils' blushing behinds! Regardless of the implement, or my favorite, your hand, always love being over your silky knees, where your naughty devil naturally belongs and yearns to be! The setting does look very familiar, just loved seeing you in that pretty red dress, although not sure if that's your teasing naughty devil or not, don't see my tell tale (tail) freckle on the well spanked left cheek - must be some other lucky teasing naughty devil's well spanked bottom. Guess I'll just have to try harder to be your favorite teasing naughty devil and hopefully get even more much harder furiously faster over-the-knee bare bottom spankings from my pretty darling.
    As always, teasing and flirting while anxiously awaiting for our next marching parade to the spanking chair, pants and underwear yanked down and forcefully pulled and bent over your sensuously silky knees for more loving spankings and forgiving cuddling! My dream darling, such happy fun times together!!!
    Your you know who freckled blushing bottom ND =;)