People who actually get to meet me, know that I am a total sweetheart. But until that time, I realize I may come off sounding a bit "tough". Unfortunately, that is just the nature of the business when you are dealing with hundreds of emails every day. 98% of the people who contact me are truly fabulous, wonderful people!

Q. What costumes do you have?
A. Stewardess, sexy santa, 1950's housewife/mom, dominatrix, sexy nun, cop, oh the list goes on and on... Feel free to ask as I have so many.

Q. What do you normally wear during your sessions?
A. A skirt or dress and blouse or top of some sort and high heels.  I don't wear yoga pants, jeans, or shorts unless you request that specifically.

Q. Do you do same day appointments?
A. It's possible, but dependent on a few factors such as my schedule, and whether you have completed my application process.  Unless you are very efficient and quick with filling out my application, have lots of availability for a phone screen, and can send the deposit ASAP, I prefer not to go this route.

Q. Can I shower at the end of our session?
A. Certainly, so long as you tell me at the beginning of our session.

Q. What are your typical days/times that you session?
A.  In Seattle typically my earliest session normally starts at 10am and my latest session starts around 8 or 9pm. While traveling, my schedule may be slightly different.

Q. I have a low pain tolerance but really want to experience a spanking.  I am worried that a 1-hr session is going to be too much for me.  What do you suggest?
A. I can use easier implements on you, we can incorporate more scolding (mainly for role plays), corner time, and other things into your session. Also since you may experience more pain in your session, than say a masochist who I am going at with a large school paddle at full force, so we may extend your "aftercare" time and include a butt massage. Just because I'm using easier implements, does not mean that your pain is any less real.

Q. Do you spank right-handed or left-handed?
A. Both, as I am ambidextrous when it comes to spanking!

Q. Are those your real legs???
A. No, I've got fake legs.  Seriously???  Of course, they are real.

Q. Are you wearing pantyhose or are those your bare legs in your photos?
A. I rarely wear pantyhose, I think it's a generational thing, as people my age rarely do.  If they do wear something, it's usually tights.  If you would prefer me to wear pantyhose for your session, just let me know.

Q. Why do I have to follow your rules & your application process?
A. I am a Disciplinarian & if you read my bio, you know that I am strict.  If you don't like it, find someone with less rules and go see them. You are free to see whomever you like.

Q. Can we trade services?
A. No, never.  Please don't bother me!

Q. What should I call you?
A. Miss or  Miss Jenn.

Q. How can I know that is really you in the photos?
A. You obviously have NOT done your homework.  There are links on my website to an interview that Andy did after we met in person.  Andy (from the "Someone's Gonna Get It Blog") is completely unaffiliated with me, and he took the photos of me for that interview. I've also gone to various national spanking parties (ie- Lone Star, Texas All State), and numerous people there got to meet me.

Q. What types of spankings do you do?
A. Spankings for fun (for me, maybe not you!), spankings for punishment, role play, and life coaching.

Q. Do you do OTK?
A. Have you looked at my website at all?  I've got tons of pics all in the OTK position.  That's a YES!

Q. Why aren't you responding to my emails?
A. Sometimes it takes me a week to get back to people.  If it's been longer than a week, then you have most likely been rude, high maintenance, or you are requesting services that I don't do.  If you don't fit into any of these categories (and you are emailing to request a session) it's possible that I just didn't see it.  I get hundreds of emails & once in a while an email gets lost in the process.  Feel free to send me a polite email a 2nd time letting me know that you are interested in a spanking session.

Q. We've been emailing back & forth, and now you've suddenly dropped off the face of the earth, what happened?
A. As much as I love chit chatting about spanking, I do get hundreds of emails.  This was only suppose to be part time.  I've been putting in full time hours in order to respond to people's emails.  But now I am setting boundaries as my family, friends, and gym time has suffered because I'm trying to email everyone back. So if you are not emailing to request a session, I may not be able to respond...

Q. Can I take you to a sporting event, concert, fill in the blank?
A. You can book the Miss Jenn Experience (MJE) or a Meet-n-Greet/social-time session.  There is a donation associated with both of those. I am an extremely busy lady & as much as I'd like to spend time with ALL the wonderful people I've met via spanking, that is just not possible.  Please respect my time and me, by requesting a MJE.

Q. I'm looking for a wife/girlfriend that will spank me.  Will you date me?
A. NO! And I do not answer any questions regarding my marital/relationship status.  That is one topic that is off limits! No, I will NOT date you and No sexual activity will happen in your session.

Q. I know that 2 or 3 times over the past year you closed your business to "new clients" will you do this again? And can you clarify who you will see during this time?
A. More than likely at some point in time. Typically when I do this, I will see current clients, clients who I have already screened & have passed my application process, and possibly "phone" or "email" clients. I will update my blog/website if I end up doing this again.

Q. Do you switch? In other words, can I spank you?
A. 90% of the time I am a top, on occasion I will be a bottom. Since I want to keep this to a minimum, I have two requirements which help me keep this a "special occasion" treat.  1) you have to be a client I know & trust 2) I only do this for longer sessions (2+ hours, so that I can spend an hour spanking you, and then we switch).