Monday, November 30, 2020

Going into Isolation in the 2-weeks prior to Christmas


Mrs Clause spanks

First of all, happy "belated" Spanksgiving.

I know I haven't been online much over the past month, & have been too busy to update my blog but you can always catch me on NiteFlirt, request a custom audio clip or schedule a session with me.

Want 3-free minutes on NiteFlirt (for new users only)?

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Then once you've signed up, you can call me here:

But in order to keep my parents safe (they are elderly and as many of you know, my mom has really been struggling with health stuff), I've decided to go into complete isolation in the 2-weeks prior to Christmas. So no in-person sessions, no visits with friends, no going to outdoor bars or restaurants. The only people I plan to see (if I'm not busy doing phone sessions or something like that) will be my parents.

I am anticipating this being an incredibly hard time for me with how social I am, as well as how close I am with friends who I will not be able to see, especially during the holiday season. I know it will be a struggle for me but hopefully, I can get through it without too much of a severe depression through phone sessions & going Live with some of you on my AVN Stars. So at least that is the silver lining.

So if you were hoping for a session, you'd better schedule it either 

before Dec 10th 


for after Dec 26th.

Happy Spanksgiving from Miss Jenn Davis


  1. Stay safe and strong!

  2. I'm sure that I'll be getting my bare bottom blistered hard before isolation begins.
    -- debbie