Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Happy Holidays and a Spanking New Year from Miss Jenn

Franco holiday spanking art

Lovely piece of spanking art done by Franco
Holiday Wishes from Miss Jenn

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  1. Always such Merry Spankings over darling Santa mommy's silky knees, in the holiday spirit I see with bare bottom festive mistletoe spatula spankings to spank in the new year! The lucky naughty devil apparently wasn't getting spanked hard enough again, the merry spatula strikes again! Wishing you a Happy New Spanking Year all year long, especially for your sassy teasing naughty devil!

    Naughty Devil's New Year's resolution: to get more otk spankings more often, longer and harder too!

    Always needing spankings this year and every new year, Happy New Spanking Year!!!!

    ND =;)

    1. Happy New Year to my mischievous naughty devil who always seems to be up to trouble & making Mommy smile ;)

    2. Seems to be? More like naturally, that's what naughty devil's function is in life making Mommy smile thinking of the next time she has to pull naughty devil over her silky knees again this instant as he still hasn't apparently been spanked hard enough yet, just might have to break that wooden spatula on those naughty white pancakes!!!

      Another New Year with resolutions for more teasing, peeking, cuddling and new Happy Spankings over your silky knees!!!!

      ND =;)